Happy 2012!

Hey everyone.  I hope it's been a great year for all of you.  Definitely a big one for myself.  I want to thank all my friends and family, and all of you who keep coming back for more.  Celebrate tonight and make sure you all come back safe for a rejuvenated blog in 2012!

Here's 3 songs to get you ready.

Good Morning

Here is a nice little production from Lotus to start off your day.

Funky Hip Hop

This post is from Aceyalone.  Alone, he would not be much.  But in 2006, RJD2 produced the instrumentals for his album "Magnificent City" and the result was pretty incredible.  RJD2 has produced some of the more innovative beats that I've heard.  Here is another example.


Hey everyone.  With people traveling through so many different cities for the holidays, I figured this was the perfect post.  Phish, as anyone who knows me understands, is my obsession.  This jam from Berkeley, CA in 2010 is packed with heavy bass lines and incredible funk interplay amongst the group.

Enjoy the HD video and let me know your thoughts on the experience.  More to come soon!

Here is a video to show you the same crowd grooving:

Groovin for the Holidays

Hey guys.  Finally, the holiday season is upon us.  Hanukkah is starting up and Christmas will finally put an end to the onslaught of holiday commercials this weekend.  This song from The Chemical Brothers should get your energy up in the cold weather.

They are releasing a film soon titled "Don't Think" that revolves around their concert experience.  I had the opportunity to see them live in Chicago and it was one of the best times of my life.  Click here for a sneak peak.

Also, COMMENT ON MY VIDEOS.  Every person that comments will have their name placed into a hat for a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card.  I will draw at the end of the week.

I'm Back

Hey everyone.  Apologies for the delay on the blog.  I took a breather and a few things came up during the past week.

Today's post is from a group known as The Parlor Mob.  The New Jersey band just put out their second album recently.  They have a unique and somewhat Zeppelin-influenced kick to their sound.  The vocals also have a resemblance to Robert Plant.

Regular posts will return this week.

One More to the Winner

It looks like funk is going to take the poll.  The top three: Funk, Jazz and Electronic, will be featured this week.  This post comes from a group called Breakestra.  They are a newer funk kit with a HEAVY JAMES BROWN INFLUENCE

Week Two Begins

It looks like funk is sitting in the driver's seat with a few hours to go.  It is only fitting to throw up a track from the kings of funk, The Meters.  Their baselines melt into songs like no other group I've listened to.  If you need more evidence, click here

Sunday Funday

Hey everyone!  Surprisingly, it took me this long to post anything Phish-related since they are my favorite band.  In honor of the funk/jazz lead in the poll and my desire to pick up your spirits on Sunday, I am providing you with this.

Trey Anastasio is the lead guitarist and singer for Phish.  However, he also has his own group called the Trey Anastasio Band (TAB).  These guys are incredibly talented and he always unleashes some of his other guitar styles because of the brass section.  His emotion forces you to have fun and groove with them.

Also, I will be having a contest next week TBA.  Ben Jacober will be featuring the next guest post and the blog is still expanding.  Keep checking back and thanks for all the support so far!

Start Living or Start Dying

Hey everyone.  Hope it's been a good start to the weekend.  Here's an electro/saxophone heavy mix that will ignite your Saturday night.  Big announcements coming on Sunday!

Hard Hitters

HAPPY WEEKEND.  Here are three SUPER HARD hitting grooves by Gramatik.  He is easily my favorite funk/soul producer.  If you don't start dancing to one of these, you should consult your physician. Enjoy!


Due to popular demand, the first guest post is from my good buddy Eric Muhlberger.  Check out his song choice below.

"What I really enjoy about watching live jazz is the ability for the artists to feed off each other.  I love the percussive interaction in the later parts of this song between the drummer and the double bass player.  It's a fun song to watch and must be even more fun to perform." - Eric

I am a definite fan and I encourage everyone to give this a shot.  Next guest post to follow soon!

Rise and Shine

Here is another morning post for you guys.  Big Gigantic is two guys from Colorado who produce a distinct sound.  The key is a saxophone with layered effects added.  If you dig this at all, check out this other selection as well.  More posts from them will definitely follow.

Keep On Trucking

Hey guys.  Quick update, this blog has now been viewed in EIGHT DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.  The word is spreading and I really appreciate anyone that has referred a friend.  This song is to cover two genres we haven't touched yet, jazz and hip-hop.  One of my personal favorites that brings me out of any mood.  Make sure to comment and let me know your thoughts.  I am ready to take this in some different directions.

Good Morning

It looks like funk and jazz are staying even in the poll.  Here's a nice one to start your day.  The New Mastersounds are a British funk group.  They have a unique bounce to their sound and I would highly recommend checking out their other material.  Click here

First Snow

Hey everyone,

Today was the first snow I've seen in St. Louis.  I figured this song likely follows.  Emancipator is a producer based out of Portland, Oregon that creates more relaxing and pensive tunes.  His material is great for all you studying for finals and fits with many different moods.

Let me know your thoughts!

First Song!

Ok, so the best way to start this off is with my friends, The Maplestar Classic from Oxford, OH.  Unlike most college bands, they created their own well-crafted tunes AND nailed covers from a variety of bands and genres.  Starting small, the only way to go is up from here.  Their high-energy shows were some of my favorite college memories.  Enjoy!

Intro and Purpose

Hey everyone!  Thanks so much for checking out my blog.  I will be putting a lot of my time into this for the foreseeable future and I greatly appreciate any comments or feedback.

I am often asked, "Where did you find this?" or "How do you get into all of your music?"  This blog is meant to be a resource for musical discovery and an outlet for my obsession with different types of music.

A few disclaimers:

1. This is a place for anyone to contribute ideas and browse freely. Don't ruin it.
2. Everyone will find something they enjoy but not every song will be your favorite.  Criticism is welcome but please be mindful of others.
3. Keep an open mind, turn up your speakers, come back often and spread the word!

Terminate tutte le registrazioni del nuovo cd degli Hour Of Penance!! 
Mixaggio e mastering in corso!

Thanks to: Vibe Drum    http://www.vibedrum.com
                  Powerfeet    http://www.powerfeet.it

                  Vruk Drum Master http://www.vrukpedal.com

mixing and mastering the new beast  16th cellar S.


HOUR OF PENANCE to Enter the Studio

Italian death metal band, HOUR OF PENANCE, will enter 16th Cellar Studio in Rome this month, with producer Stefano Morabito, to record their Prosthetic Records's debut, and fifth album overall.

Guitar player Giulio Moschini commented: "Following the tradition of releasing an album every two years, the time has come now and we're ready to hit the studio and record our fifth album. You've probably read the same words million of times on the band's press releases so I will not tell you how much better this album sounds and how much faster and more technical it is compared to the last one we did , BUT -  we're fucking proud of this upcoming beast and we're sure you guys will love it! We know how much our fans are expecting from the new album so we worked as hard as we can to not disappoint any of them. Moreover, as some of you know, this will be the first album with a new line up and as you can imagine having a new singer and a new drummer helped us to renew and improve our sound, once again.. this will be like the rebirth of Hour of Penance, in a better shape of course !"

The band will be posting updates on their official Facebook page; "Like" the page now to keep up to speed!  The new album is the follow up to last year's "Paradogma" (on Unique Leader) and will see a release in early 2012. More details of the release will be announced in the coming weeks.

Forged in the dark shadows of "The Holy Capital", this most unholy of quartets have steadily been making a name for themselves as one of the most intense, talented and impressive, both in the studio & live onstage, modern death metal bands around.

HOUR OF PENANCE spent most of the spring and summer touring the European festival circuit as well as a tour with DEICIDEBELPHEGOR and THE AMENTA.

Unleashing a likely tour de force in maniacal death metal brutality, a celebration of music in it's darkest and most inhuman form and with a brand new worldwide signing to Prosthetic Records, HOUR OF PENANCE have ascended to an even greater height of precision and savagery. Every population has its cancer, every movement its enemies. Be the wolf amongst the flock. Embrace the barbarity!

Vibe Drum New Promoter: Simone "Arconda" Piras ! Promotional Snare Video!

Vibe Drum è fiera di dare il benvenuto nella propria famiglia al nuovo Promoter Simone "Arconda" Piras degli Hour of Penance. Simone con la sua band affronterà a breve il tour europeo 2011 di supporto ai Deicide.


Eisenwahn Festival 29-30 JULI 2011




Interview with Simone Arconda Piras on Italiancore Magazine n.8

Interview with Simone Arconda Piras on Italiancore Magazine n.8

Click image to enlarge






Thursday 23 June 2011 – Rotterdam/Holland @ Baroeg
Friday 24 June 2011 – Drachten/Holland @ Iduna
Saturday 25 June 2011 – London/Uk @ London Deathfest at the Underworld
Sunday 26 June 2011 – Plymouth/Uk @ The White Rabbit
Monday 27 June 2011 – Liverpool/Uk @ The Masque
Tuesday 28 June 2011 – Nottingham/Uk @ Rescue Rooms
Wednesday 29 June 2011 – Namur/Belgium @ Cinex
Thursday 30 June 2011 – Villeurbanne/France @ CCO
Friday 01 July 2011 – Winterhur/Swiss @ Gaswerk
Saturday 02 July 2011 – Kassel/Germany @ Salzmann Factory
Sunday 03 July 2011 – Prague/Czech Rep. @ Exit Chmelnice
Monday 04 July 2011 – Katowize/Poland @ Mega Club
Tuesday 05 July 2011 – Poznan/Poland @ Blue Note
Wednesday 06 July 2011 – Bremen/Germany @ Tivoli
Thursday 07 July 2011 – Koeln/Germany @ Essigfabrik
Friday 08 July 2011 – Torgau/Germany @ In Flammen Festival
Saturday 09 July 2011 – Salzburg/Austria @ Rockhouse
Sunday 10 July 2011 – Rossiglione (Genova)/Italy @ Metal Valley Open Air
Monday 11 July 2011 – Bari/Italy @ Target Club
Tuesday 12 July 2011 – Pinarella di Cervia (Ravenna)/Italy @ Rock Planet
Wednesday 13 July 2011 – DAY OFF
Thursday 14 July 2011 – Tokaj/Hungary @ Hegyalja Festival
Friday 15 July 2011 – Kosice/Slovakia @ Collosseum Club
Saturday 16 July 2011 – Tolmin/Slovenia @ Metal Camp
Sunday 17 July 2011 – Wuerzburg/Germany @ Posthalle